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We Understand Bad Faith Insurance Cases

Bad faith claims arise when your insurance company improperly denies or delays paying a valid claim. In Texas, volatile weather from hail, tornados and thunderstorms damaging roofs, siding and air conditioners in the summer to freezing temperatures leading to broken pipes in the winter, you can suffer severe damage to your home. Bad faith claims also can happen after you have been hurt and your car or truck was damaged in a motor vehicle accident.

If you make a valid property damage claim on your policy and the insurance company refuses to pay, you may have a bad faith insurance case. Our attorneys at ANG can help you, communicating with the insurance company on your behalf and filing a lawsuit if it becomes clear they are denying a valid claim.

Complex Insurance Law Issues

Your insurance policies covering your home and automobiles are contracts. Very complex contracts. You have the obligation to pay your premiums and not have made any misrepresentations on your application. The insurance company, too, has an obligation to pay valid claims in a reasonably timely fashion.

Types Of Insurance Company Bad Faith

When an insurance company fails to pay claims in a reasonable manner or misrepresents the terms of their policy and its exclusions, they are guilty of bad faith. Sometimes, insurance companies may fail to investigate your claim, offer a clearly inadequate amount for the claim or will simply try to delay payment on a claim to the point where a policyholder simply gives up and abandons their effort to obtain payment.

Other times, the insurance company will have misrepresented their contract language or fail to disclose the scope of coverage or policy exclusions. They may deny your claim and not give you an adequate explanation of why they denied the claim. They may even become abusive when you attempt to deal with them. Any of these actions can constitute bad faith and entitle policyholders to compensation. Our attorneys know what to look for and how to investigate a bad faith insurance claim.

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We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with the red-tape and endless bureaucracy of an insurance company. We can help you get the payment you need after suffering personal or property damage. Call our office at 1-866-477-8949 or set up an appointment with our contact form.