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What Our Clients Are Saying 

“I appreciate your continued support and sacrifice. It will not go un-noticed next time I need a litigator.” – R. Powers

“Once again, I am extremely grateful for your time and hard work.” – M. Hamel

“You are always a pleasure to work for and are kind and appreciative of our collective efforts and are quick to recognize them.” – S. Patterson

“ – highly effective and diverse team which met the demands and long hours of the case while maintaining respectful treatment of all team members.” – E. Mariani

“I would like to take a minute and offer my thanks for your work on our case.” – J. Hoynacki

“You had a difficult case to handle, and I commend you for your hard work.” – J. Ross (juror #10)

“Excellent preparation for this matter.” – P. Kirkpatrick

“We appreciate all you do for us.” – V. Vaughn

“I always enjoy working with you as you are always so well prepared.” – S. Magers

“Thank you for all you do.” – C. Ratliff

“This is a small token to thank you for your total dedication, passion and attention to every detail – you are an incredible litigator.” – P. Phillips

“It is obvious you have spent much time and effort and have developed a strategic plan.  Whereas the situation is frightening to us and its potential effect on our “golden years,” we feel confident in your capable hands.” – C. Hample

“Thanks for an absolutely fantastic outcome on this litigation!!!!!” – J. Starr

“This is a terrific result!  Congratulations and thanks to all who contributed.” – K. Morgan

“Thanks for the awesome job you do for us.  We appreciate your partnership.” – C. Donaubauer

“We are greatly indebted to you – more than I can express.” – C. Hample

“We are glad that we have someone like you that we can always go to and get good work done. Thanks for everything!” – M. Damon

“Everyone was extremely impressed with what you did in that trial.  You do an outstanding job for us.” – D. Engel

“My purpose in contacting you was to thank you for presenting your arguments in a very clear and logical order.  Your arguments were sequential and easy to follow which (thankfully) was in complete contrast to the arguments of the defense.  You have an excellent courtroom presence and are a great public speaker. – J. Little (juror #3)

“That is great news. I want to thank you for all of your work in getting this resolved for us.” – D. Kerr

“Thanks so much for your extra effort!  We really appreciate your tremendous work on our behalf!” – L. Ridder

“Awesome job!” – B. Jorgensen

“My team loves working with your team and we appreciate the great results!” – T. Valley

“All I want besides the check they have to send us is an email of the photo that was taken of me with you right outside the courthouse. I’ll never destroy that one. Thank you again to both of you for being such great lawyers and gentleman.” – G. Zuazu

“Troy, I have to say that I agree with Judge Clark, you have a gift.  You and Alex did an outstanding job, and it was a pleasure to be there to witness it.” – J. Yates

“Alex, You and Troy did a fantastic job in trial.  I’m sure it was also nice to hear your client singing your praises at the END of the case.  As we all know in this business, that is not always the case.  Congrats to you both.” – L. Duran